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Join us on NOV 12th at 5PM for an interactive visual storytelling exercise, where students unlock and design a superhero version of themselves by exploring their life origin, hobbies, interests, and aspirations. All participants of the program will receive a printed poster of their final design at the conclusion of the workshop. "Create Your Own Superhero" will be led by artist and producer Rashaad Denzel of Studio Simile. 


The Origin

Where this all started

Multi-Hyphenation in Modern Practice

November 2019 

Hunter College, New York City

In collaboration with Nate Nichols founder and creative director of creative advertising agency, the Palette Group we developed a workshop geared unleashing the creative potential of students who were a part the NYC Young Ambassadors and the My Brother Keeper Initiative funding by the Obama Foundation. 

Students were invited to Hunter College for a full day workshop where Nate and myself hosted an interactive workshop that guided the group of students into creating their own social media advertisements for their brand of choice by using the marketing principles outlined by Nate Nichols. The students presented their advertisements, 

See Video Recap Here


Unleashing the Powers

Sample Questions To Pose

Where were you born and raised?

What are three to five of the most defining moments in your life?

What about your early origins explains your why today?

What have you been most curious about?

What do you geek out on? What are your hobbies/ interests?



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