Studio Simile

Wheatpaste Journals

It's hard to quiet your thoughts as you await the next delayed train in New York City. Poor cell phone service and redundant playlists from streaming services still aren't enough some days.  One late night while awaiting an uptown train to Harlem I couldn't help but notice the grittiness of the New York subways which I consider beautifully run-down. I found the texture underneath the subway advertisements very intriguing. 

Underneath the wheatpaste campaigns, I noticed a truly chaotic scene, that was colorful much like that chaos that goes on in our heads sometimes. I want you to use this book to express those loud, chaotic, and sometimes outspoken thoughts. Paste your own campaigns about how you feel, where you wanna go and what you wanna do. We can liberate our minds through expression, try it here. 

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