Studio Simile

What is Studio Simile?

Hello Friends!

A lot of you have asked me “What is Studio Simile?” and I’ve honestly struggled to tell you what it is or what it’s becoming up until now. 

Since childhood, I have experimented with illustration, photography, video, and even painting. It was never my intention to create art for profit nor did I wish to create “by assignment” via big brands as that can often deflate my imagination. 

As many of you already know, my time spent in Florence, Italy in 2013 is where I began to really marry the ideas of me studying public relations and the new creative skill sets I picked up with digital photography and color theory. My experience in Italy served as a catalyst for all my creative pursuits when I returned to the United States. 

However, when I returned to the states with skillsets that didn’t seamlessly align with my formal education in public relations  I wouldn’t immediately land on knowing that I’d eventually pursue the world of production. Over the last six years, I’ve worked as an Account Manager, Strategist, and Project Manager at agencies, brands, and independent labels in both DC and New York City.  These experiences led to the recent actualizations that I want to serve as an asset to not only the creative process but to the people behind all those beautiful things that we see on our feeds and streaming services. 

So in a long-winded way I created Studio Simile to serve as a platform for photographers, filmmakers, screenwriters, cartoonists, and all other visual storytellers who wish to bring their passion projects to life. Oftentimes, our passion projects are derailed by our mundane assignments that pay our bills, but Studio Simile wants to facilitate and fuel the passion projects of creatives that otherwise go unnoticed, underfunded, or simply never pursued due to discouragement by gatekeepers, haters and naysayers. 

With my own skills and my own desire to see other creatives like myself see their ideas come into fruition I formed Studio Simile, which is a small creative production house aimed to fuel the creative endeavors that are culturally relevant, authentic, and most importantly forward-thinking.  Studio Simile is not a creative agency nor a venture capital firm for creative projects. Studio Simile is a platform, a resource, and an avenue for creatives to get their ideas started or finish up something they’ve already developed — we don’t mind getting our hands dirty to build a set, fundraise for a film or organize the logistical processes for your ideas. 

Finally, as you know these things don’t work with your support. Studio Simile is very early in its formation and we are currently fundraising for two major projects slated to be delivered in 2021 to find out more on how you can contribute, please click here.

Otherwise, you can support us by purchasing our limited edition Studio Studio, the t-shirt of our mascot from our friends in London over at Everpress. 

Thank you all so much for you continued to support and do not hesitate to reach me with your feedback, ideas, critiques, and concerns!

Take care,



Due to the privacy and confidentiality agreements signed by Studio Simile LLC, with existing partners and/or clients details regarding projects in pre or post-production cannot be disclosed publicly, please reach out to for direct business inquiries.  

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