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Studio Simile supported the production and assembly of the "What Flying Feels Like"  a film edition of the Black Boy Fly photo book presentation alongside both photographer and film director Joshua Renfroe and Curtis J. Taylor


One Day to Create Magic 

It was a late Summer afternoon in August when I first spoke to Josh on a FaceTime call as he paced his room back and forth telling me his plans for the one-year anniversary of his debut photography book Black Boy Fly. Josh wasn't talking about another book he wanted a film. 

The idea was already clear for me. In our conversation, there were mentions of using technology to amplify visuals on bodies and mentions of the use of glitter on basketball courts.  For me this sounded like magic.  I went into "project manager" mode ––drafted up a few timelines, location scouted, acquired the right tech and gave Josh his team the specs of what was possible. 

Our collaboration was seamless and our production day was a success and we even wrapped our day on time. This is was an incredible team from start to finish. Special shoutout to Curtis, who directed the entire day –– virtually from Los Angeles. Anything is possible when the time is right and our timing was divine. We created magic on that Sunday afternoon. 

I express the utmost gratitude to everyone who put their time and energy into making Josh and Curtis's vision come to fruition. It is these kinds of projects that will not only drive this studio's success, but it will hopefully inspire other creatives to launch their passion projects to tell their stories despite our current global challenges. 

Thank you, 


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