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Remarks on George Floyd & Race in America

It was the Spring of 2012 and I was closing in on my junior year at East Carolina University. I got a phone call from the sitting Black Student Union President, where he had notified me that I overwhelmingly won the support of the Black Student Union (BSU) body to serve as their president the following school semester.  (READ MORE)


COMMUNITY: Breakfast for Champions Creative Workshop

This past weekend myself and some of the members of @mastermindconnect I had the pleasure of joining some of New York's brightest young people from #MBKFellows #NYCUrbanAmbassadors #NYCGreat of the NY Dept of Education programs for a panel discussion.I hosted a creative workshop in efforts to ignite their creative potential by defining their life "majors" and "minors" -- a concept originally coined by Translation, LLC founder @stevestoute. 

I walked the students through a mind-mapping exercise designed to emphasize the need and value of diversifying their skill sets to be "multi-hyphenated" professionals by integrating their passions and hobbies into their career development.Following my workshop, I was joined by founder + creative director, @the_nichols of the @palettegrp where he taught the students how to position advertisements products. Students got 30-minutes to produce a TikTok ad for a product of their choice.

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