Humbled and Proud

Jennifer Gatti

Jennifer Gatti
MPA Trustee, Development Committee Chair, Parent

我的家人很幸运地把Mounds公园学院称为葡京线上赌博大全最后的第二个家 12 years. 克莱尔现在是一名六年级的大三学生,而葡京线上赌博大全的MPA之旅还远没有结束! Greta is a member of the class of 2024, 这看起来像是来自未来的约会,更像是科幻小说而不是现实生活! 尽管葡京线上赌博大全倾向于认为教育有一个明确的开始和结束, MPA的强大和积极的影响将围绕着Claire和Greta毕业后很长一段时间. This institution and its mission, curriculum, faculty, and values will serve as a lifelong inspiration for our family. Although our daughters will eventually depart MPA, we'll all remain part of this remarkable community.

In my years at MPA, generosity has been a constant theme—generosity of spirit, heart, talent, time, and resources of all kinds. It is exhibited every day. Our wonderful teachers extend themselves to their students and share their expertise with their colleagues; our students are generous by being true friends with their peers and global citizens; our parents serve as volunteers and engage in the daily life of our school by attending art exhibits, musical performances, athletic competitions, and academic events. In my role with the Development Committee, 能承认葡京线上赌博大全社区的慷慨财政,我深感谦卑和自豪. With nearly three quarters of the school year complete, we are on pace to meet our goals for the 2017-18 MPA Fund, 为所有学生提供卓越的MPA教育提供了必要的支持.

Thank you for all you do to support MPA!



13年前,阿曼达·坎贝尔和她的女儿奎恩开始了她的MPA冒险. 她认为,他们在MPA社区内建立的联系是葡京线上赌博大全学校有别于其他学校的地方. Amanda shares, "I love the intention of keeping it intimate, 但同时也是完全包容的…有魔法的人会找到他们的路!"

阿曼达多年来一直是家长协会的积极成员. 她第一次进入董事会是作为年级代表的副主席,并在第二年迅速过渡到与克里斯汀·拉森(Christine Larson)一起担任联席主席. 葡京线上赌博大全阿曼达担任联席主席的第一年,“我当时不想停下来. I had just figured out what I was doing.阿曼达和克里斯汀继续领导家长协会两年.

阿曼达在家长协会最欣赏的是她认识了社区里的很多人. 在家长协会,每个人都有机会发挥各自的优势.

当被问及昆茵今年6月毕业时,阿曼达会怀念什么时,她说. P!“这种联系不仅仅是父母之间或学生与老师之间的, 葡京线上赌博大全社区的所有成员之间都建立了联系,而且是终生的.

"Thirteen years go by so quickly. I remember kindergarten. I remember first grade. 我一有机会就来帮忙,这样我就不会错过任何事."

Thank you, Amanda, for 13 years of service to MPA. 没有你们,葡京线上赌博大全就不会有今天这样神奇的学校.



温迪第一次发现Mounds公园学院是在几年前,当时她正在照顾年轻的邻居. 她被陈列在家里各处的漂亮艺术品所吸引. “我对这些孩子在学校所做的事情感到惊讶,”温迪说. 几年之后,她和丈夫安德鲁有了孩子, they immediately knew that MPA would be a school on their list. When they visited campus, "without question MPA just felt right." Wendy and Andrew currently have two children at MPA, Maeve in PreK and Declan in second grade, 在MPA需要他们的地方,他们都投入了自己的时间去做志愿者.

Wendy's mother was very involved in her education growing up, 因此,她知道她会以类似的方式积极参与孩子学校的志愿活动. "I wanted my children to know that I'm on this journey with them.当德克兰开始在PreK的MPA工作时,她主要在课堂上帮忙. 德克兰进入幼儿园后,家长协会找到她,让她提供更广泛的帮助——那时她意识到MPA的志愿者有这么多的机会.

她说:“志愿服务是学校的命脉——每个人都有所收获。. 在父母协会做了两年的志愿者之后, she is currently serving as co-president.




"We wanted to find a school that would push Alex academically, but also celebrate him and who he is," Clarence says of bringing their son Alex, now in first grade, to MPA. 克拉伦斯和蒂芙尼看了很多地铁学校,但想要更多. Located in Minneapolis, 他们愿意开车穿越双子城,以确保亚历克斯不仅在学业上有所发展, but also as a person.

克拉伦斯是招生和体育办公室的一名积极的志愿者. “比起学费,志愿服务是一种回报更多的方式. 这是一种促进学生和MPA增长的方式。. Clarence建议那些在MPA社区寻找志愿者的人来确定你的激情所在,这将是你的机会.

As a former North Carolina State basketball player, Clarence's true desire to help is most heavy on the court. Not only is he hosting Little Dribblers, a weekly Lower School basketball clinic, 但从去年开始,他也一直在协助大学篮球队. 克拉伦斯很感激高年级学生为亚历克斯树立的榜样, showing that paying it forward makes sense. He says, “如果我能做些什么来促进这些大孩子的成长, they will in turn do the same for my son."

The MPA community cannot thank Clarence enough for the time, energy, and positivity that he commits to every volunteer opportunity.


Mounds公园学院感谢家长协会在促进社区和支持MPA使命方面的领导作用. 无数的志愿者通过他们的日常工作证明了他们对学校使命和价值观的承诺.

Traditional Parents Association projects continued this year, including Microfunding, Book Festival, Middle School Café, the Grade Representative Program, Faculty & 员工感谢,学校班级聚会等等.

请给Wendy Cusick和Sally Richie发电子邮件,家长协会的联合主席,在 如果你有兴趣更多地参与家长协会.

Volunteer at MPA

Volunteers are so important to the fabric of our community! Whether you have a little time or a lot, 校园里有一个与你的激情相匹配的机会.

Please contact Ashley Goetzke, Capital Campaign and Stewardship Manager, at to express your interest in volunteering at MPA!