Academic rigor reaches a crescendo in the 上学校 at MPA. Teachers ask more of their students, students expect more from their peers, and everyone knows that important standardized tests, 申请大学, and life decisions loom on the horizon.

在所有部门, but perhaps no more than in the 上学校, MPA teachers ask for the why and the how behind everything. “Why do protons behave in that way?” “How can we connect our primary sources to current events?” “How did you arrive at that conclusion in your proof?” “Why is the subjunctive tense used here?”
因此,课程是有吸引力的,实践和挑战,特别是对贪婪的学习者. Rigor means that students are not told how to solve problems, but rather given the chance to explore and discover an applicable solution.

这一点对于任何一个去过学校并看到学生参与度异常高的人来说都是显而易见的. Because at MPA, rigor equates to participation and involvement. It means that students are not sitting in the back, 无聊, 松散与分离, 而是受到了挑战, 细心的, 积极参与, and eager to be diving deep into complex concepts.

Rigor appears in many different ways in the 上学校. 一些, 比如加速世界语言选项和高级数学课程(AP Calculus BC), for example) fall in the more recognizable, traditional indicators of rigor. 其他人, 比如创客空间的设计思考练习和Winter Show的高水平剧本评论, 是MPA独有的. 但有一件事是清楚的, 葡京线上赌博大全高度严格的教育并不意味着试图通过增加忙碌来挑战优等生, nor does it mean taking away support and individual attention from a teacher. Rigor at MPA is about diving deeper.

Let’s take a closer look at academic rigor in four 上学校 content areas.

科学The 上学校 science pathway starts with physics in ninth grade, 这门严谨的课程比物理科学或地球科学等更普遍提供的选择要深入得多. 这确保了在科学领域寻求学术严谨性的学生将立即找到它, and everyone will have a strong foundation in science at its most anatomical level.

从那里, 大多数希望提高学术水平的学生会利用这个机会,在10年级选修生物荣誉课程,在11年级选修化学荣誉课程. 这一系列严格的课程为高积极性的学生提供了必要的准备,希望挑战自己的AP生物在12年级.

As seniors (applicable to the class of 2023 and beyond), MPA students choose two of the following classes: Advanced Physics, 天体物理学 , 化学专题, 遗传学, 环境化学, 科学研究方法. 每堂课都提供了一定程度的严谨和深刻的知识内容,这是典型的大学理科课程.

Across 上学校 science classes, rigor is incorporated through an average of 160 minutes of laboratory time per week. With this much time in the science lab, 计划在大学和研究生院追求科学的MPA毕业生为他们将在大学科学中面临的严格的实验室组件做好了特别好的准备.

社会研究Academic rigor in the humanities appears in myriad ways. 高年级英语和社会研究的学生阅读初级文献的速度加快, respond to assigned 阅读 with complex literary and historical analysis, scrutinize and cite peer reviewed journals and papers, and construct original arguments and ideas.

希望在人文学科中获得更多严谨知识的学生通常会选择从世界历史荣誉课程开始, a prerequisite for AP World History in grade 10. 在这两年序列中, honors students consume extensive primary and secondary sources, 在一个充满广泛讨论机会的课程中考虑多种观点和历史偏见, 辩论, 和分析性写作. 例如, World History 9 culminates with a Middle East peace conference, where students are asked to overcome challenges and conflicts, gather data from multiple resources, and problem solve collaboratively to produce a diplomatic resolution.

2020-21学年的新课程, MPA的跨学科美国研究课程结合了英语和社会研究,面向所有11年级学生. 本课程要求学生通过时代文学的复杂镜头分析塑造美国历史的历史事件,同时促使他们与更大的世界和当前事件建立联系. 按照时间顺序,从土著文化开始,一直延续到今天, 该课程确保学生通过文学单元深入了解美国微妙的历史. 这种教学方法.S. history and American literature together gives students a deeper, 更严格的, 以及比单一学科方法更吸引人的体验.

Academic rigor in the humanities peaks in a student’s final year of 上学校. 四年级学生从包括21世纪全球问题在内的广泛选择中选择四门课程, 宪法, 政府与经济, 社会企业家精神, 世界宗教, 美联英语文学, 创意写作, 当代女性作家, 人的研究, Fiction and Literary Adaptation, Sci Fi and the Politics of Imagination, 与全球之声. In 宪法, students research a case currently before the U.S. 最高法院, 然后在明尼苏达州议会大厦内的明尼苏达州司法中心,对明尼苏达州上诉法院的法官和律师小组进行口头辩论.

MakerspaceWith three distinct tracts in 上学校 mathematics, 寻求最高水平的严格的学生可以在他们的同龄人中具有挑战性, 分析, and highly intellectual environment. 极小的班级规模和大师老师频繁的1:1关注,帮助学生脱颖而出.

Those looking for the most challenging math sequence begin in ninth grade with 荣誉代数2/3, a fast paced class that combines topics from two classes, Advanced Algebra 2/Trigonometry and Advanced Algebra 3/Advanced Trigonometry, into a one year course designed to prepare students for Honors Pre-Calculus. Sophomores within this most rigorous math pathway take Honors Pre-Calculus. This course provides rigor through an emphasis on experimentation, 数学问题解决, 和逻辑.

在11年级和12年级, students continuing in the top math pathway take AP Calculus AB and AP Calculus BC, the same content typically covered in collegiate Calculus I and II classes. Students are challenged to use advanced Calculus methods to describe movement, area, 体积和密度, model physical situations using functions, 微分和积分, and solve problems based in science and engineering. To succeed through the rigor of AP Calculus courses, student must display superior algebra skills and well-developed geometric thinking, as well as excellent recall of previously learned math concepts. 他们必须能够理解远远超过死记硬背的材料的数学过程.

除了AP微积分, 12年级的学生也被邀请增加具有挑战性的数学课程, college level AP Statistics class in which they interpret data, 学习图形的方法, calculate measures of central tendency, 分析统计假设, 评估趋势, 构建散点图, and determine regression lines and correlation coefficients.

对许多学生而言, 在高中开设一门世界语言就可以提供一门新的、具有挑战性的学术课程. 对于那些有西班牙语或法语学习经验的人来说, MPA的多层次世界语言课程为他们提供了找到合适的学术严密性水平的机会. From Spanish/French I through Spanish/French VI, (plus Spanish/French AP Language and Culture), there is a class that’s the right fit for everyone.

All MPA 上学校 students are required to take world language classes, 而那些想在西班牙语或法语方面挑战自己的学生则在九年级时参加四级考试(这已经是大学中级课程的严格要求了). They move on to level V in 10th grade, then level VI in 11th grade and finally AP Language and Culture in 12th grade. 横跨每一个类, 严谨是通过破译复杂的语法和理解西班牙语或法语世界的文化复杂性而结合起来的. Mastering each of the four modalities, 阅读, 说话, 写作和听力适合那些对自己的语言能力有丰富经验和信心的学生.

学生通过100%用西班牙语/法语进行讨论和辩论来提高口语流利度, and their writing accuracy through multipage 分析 essays, also completely in Spanish/French. 阅读技巧通过对原文的广泛解读来加强:报纸和杂志文章, 诗歌, 短篇小说, 和小说, while listening comprehension comes from consuming native language music, 电影, 新闻片段, 以及点对点的对话.

Though each of the four language modalities, as well as grammar and vocabulary are vitally important, world language classes truly come alive, and provide the most challenging, 学术严谨的内容,通过详细潜入西班牙语和法语国家的文化和历史环境. 例如, 法国V系学生学习从中世纪到21世纪的法国文学名著, analyzing each novel in depth and in French. 在西班牙六世, 学生探索二十世纪和二十一世纪在西班牙语世界发生的事件, from Operation Condor in South America to Liberation Theology in Central America. 西班牙五章介绍了西班牙的历史从711年摩尔人入侵伊比利亚半岛到阿尔罕布拉宫时代到美洲的殖民统治.  在世界各地的语言中,学术的严谨性来自于高层次的文化研究.