MPA is committed to sustaining a safe, secure, nurturing school community where students are known, respected, and loved. At MPA, any conversation about safety and security must begin with, and be grounded in, our school's mission and culture.

Culture at MPA

Conflict resolution, character education, 和积极的人际关系技能都是MPA教授的重要主题,直接有助于葡京线上赌博大全积极的葡京线上赌博大全. They are manifested within our MPA community in a multitude of ways.

Social-emotional support, mental health education, 小班授课让学生有信心相信葡京线上赌博大全的社区会以个人的身份关心他们. With a student-teacher ratio of 7:1, 对于任何一个学生来说,在MPA的裂缝中坠落几乎是不可能的.

Students are known and understood by many, if not all, 在校园里提供指导和支持的100多名成年人, helping students balance the many facets of an MPA education. MPA专门的心理健康团队包括一名中学和高中辅导员, Lower School counselor, and School Psychologist. For more information about this important topic, click here to visit the Mental Health Resources page.

MPA的学生不仅得到了教职工的肯定和支持, but also by their peers within the MPA student body. 每个部门都有适合他们年龄的性格教育课程, students aren't just brilliant, they're kind and joyful. 所有的学生——包括来自不同年级甚至不同部门的学生——都互相照顾, providing support, friendship and mentorship.

Building Security

At MPA, 进入大楼的通道是有限的,所有的外部门要么是锁着的,要么是由一个前台服务员监控的. 南边的入口一整天都是锁着的,除非管理员在门口. To enter through the south entrance, 访客必须通过视频监视器确认身份后才能进入大楼. 北入口白天也被封锁,并受到严密监控. It is open after school for activities, during which the desk attendant is present just inside the doors.

整个校园都由摄像机监控,摄像机巧妙地放置在建筑的内外. Teachers and staff monitor areas such as hallways, cafeterias, 而操场和远高于推荐的成人与学生比例一直保持.

宾客和访客在南北入口都有签到的规定,他们在建筑内必须佩戴徽章. 教师和工作人员经过培训,可以接近访客,指导或护送他们到主办公室签到并领取徽章. 目前的家长在校园内可以佩戴徽章.

ALiCE Active Shooter Response Training

Despite the unlikelihood of a school shooting, 这种事件发生的频率和媒体的报道使家长和教育工作者都非常关切. Tragic as it is, 值得注意的是,只有不到1%的暴力死亡与“学校相关”,然而,这样的例子确实加剧了家长和教育工作者的担忧.

For years, schools across the nation have taught faculty, staff, 和学生应对入侵者或外部威胁,撤退到教室和办公室后锁上门, with the door window covered and lights off, staying low to the ground and quiet. 事实上,明尼苏达州要求所有学校每年举行五次封锁演习. As a result of a great deal of research and discussion, MPA采用了一种新的方法来应对这些情况,称为ALiCE, joining many other local schools, companies, and organizations.

ALiCE是警报、锁定、通知、计数器和疏散的首字母缩写. 这是一种以研究为基础的方式,让教职员工能够在威胁进入大楼时,实时评估并做出决定,如何最好地保护学生和自己的安全.

Parking Lot Safety

Mounds公园学院认识到葡京线上赌博大全停车场安全操作的重要性. 免下车车道的使用都是为了最大限度地提高效率和安全,在学校前后. 希望停车并一起进出大楼的家庭可以使用北侧或南侧的停车场,并穿过由设施团队成员和学校管理人员每天配备的人行横道. With a posted speed limit of 10 MPH on campus, 并经常提醒所有司机注意和礼貌, pick up and drop off at MPA runs smoothly and safely.

For students who ride the bus, 设施组的一名成员总是在现场帮助上车和下车. MPA students, whether they utilize the bus or not, all participate in a bus safety training each year.

Emergency Communication Plan overview

In the unlikely event of a crisis, 土冢公园学院将通过电话及时发送紧急情况通知,并提供指示和更新, email, and text messaging.

Fire, Tornado and Lockdown Drills

明尼苏达州要求Mounds公园学院每年进行五次消防和封锁演习. 这些定期演习全年举行,为在校学生提供紧急情况下的练习. 在春季的恶劣天气预警周期间,MPA会进行一次龙卷风演习.

On Campus Health Services

The health office is staffed full time by a licensed school nurse. 此外,体育教练可为运动员在家体育赛事. 一些教职员工接受过急救和心肺复苏术方面的培训, and AED defibrillators are placed throughout the building.

Allergy Safety

MPA严肃对待危及生命的过敏症,并提供一个特别敏感的环境. Peanuts and tree nuts are prohibited on campus. For more information about MPA's extensive food allergy guidelines, click here.

Classroom Safety

Science labs, the Makerspace, the Robotics Lab, 和场景商店被Mounds公园学院的学生和教师使用, and safety is always the first priority. 经过专业培训的教师确保学生戴上安全眼镜,穿着得体, including masks and ear protection when necessary. Additionally, 学生在使用设备前要经过安全培训,设备是最新的,状态良好.

Technology Safety

在中学和高中有一个全面的笔记本电脑项目,在初中和高中有适合年龄的技术, technology and internet safety is paramount at MPA. Technology policy, cyberbullying, 网络和手机安全是在中学的咨询项目中涉及的重要话题, and in the seminar in the Upper School, including content on digital citizenship from Common Sense Media. MPA仔细构建了与技术和网络安全相关的政策,并在MPA手册中明确列出.